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A platform

Made by Students.

For Students.

About us

Studying Abroad is a dream for many students. Unfortunately due to high tuition fees, many students are unable to get quality higher education. Since 2017, our main objective was to provide access to Affordable Quality Education coupled with International Experience Abroad.

In order to achieve that, we launch collaborative programmes with Top Ranking Universities Abroad that offer Free Tuition Fees.

Fast forward to today, AbroadAssist list more than 800 programmes fully taught in English at Top Ranking Universities in Germany, UK and Malaysia. Affordable Pre University and language programmes has also been established in recent years. 


AbroadAssist also coordinate and assist with students' university application, visa application and all the necessary preparation required in realising a students' dream of studying abroad without having to break the bank.

Here at AbroadAssist, we believe that " Quality Education Doesn't Cost ".

Our Mission

To Make Quality Education        

Available. Accessible. Affordable 



Free Education For All



Foreword from Managing Director

Masters Graduate of Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany

"After being given the opportunity to receive free quality education in Germany, I believe that education is a human right and should not only be made available to those who can afford it. In other words, the access to quality education should be free. Thus, with the AbroadAssist portal we aim to open up a world of opportunities for students to discover affordable world class education abroad. "

Riza Amir

Managing Director


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