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Bachelor Degree Pre Check

Request Pre Check

Fill in your details and upload the following documents:

  • Highest Academic Certificate

  • Transcript of results (if any)

  • English/ German language Certificate


Select Program and University

Select programmes and university you wish to apply to.

It is recommended to select at least 5 programmes for pre check.


Pre Check results

We will pre check all your documents before applying to ensure you fulfil all the requirements. The pre check results will help improve your chances of acceptance.



It is advisable to apply at least 3 universities from the  pre check results. Please note, that the pre check does not guarantee your spot at the university and only helps to improve your chances of being accepted by matching your academic profile to the university that yield highest chance of acceptance.


Wait for Offer Letter

We will handle your entire application, you only have to wait for the results which is release in August or February depending on which intake you apply for. We will inform you via email if the university of your choice require any other additional documents.

Students Writing on Board

Pre Check Online Application

Do you have sufficient funding of 11,208 euro to support your fist year living cost in Germany
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