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Study in Germany For Free

No Tuition Fees. Top Ranking Universities. 100% in English

Why Choose to Study in Germany?

Free Education

Quality Education

Study in English

No tuition fees. Only  contribute a minimal admin fee as low as 100€ to the university each semester

German universities are recognized worldwide. Germany is home to 47 of the best ranked universities worldwide

No German knowledge required. Apply to more than 900+ bachelor & masters program 100% in English

Affordable cost
of living

Average living expense is only 800€/month, approx. RM4,000. 

Min. wage for part time is 12€/hour

High Employment 

Upon graduation, additional 18 months visa extension is given to seek employment in Germany

Who is eligible to receive free Education in Germany?

A-levels, STPM, AusMat, IB  & Bachelor Degree holder

How much to prepare for living expenses?

 11,208€​, approx. RM51,000 for living expenses

applicants must prove the amount in order to obtain a visa

Don't meet the requirement above? Speak to our Advisor and let us help you study in Germany.


We assist international students to study in Germany. Hassle Free

Save time and let us handle

✅ University Application

✅ Visa Application 


✅ Block Account Opening

✅ Accommodation Arrangement


All you need to do is submit your documents and leave the rest to us. We will handle from A - Z and help you secure your future.

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Study in Germany
October 2024 intake- Deadline March 30th.

It takes 1 step to change your future!

Overall cost of Studying in Germany is 3X more affordable than The UK and equivalent to studying in Malaysia

  • What does free education really mean?
    Free Education in Germany means: No tuition Fees or fees related to your education No examination fees No fees for failing a subject or reseating your exams No book or learning material fees Students only have to pay a minimal enrolment fee at the beginning of every semester. This is to inform the university that you would like to continue your studies at that particular university. The amount ranges between 50€ to 350€ depending on universities. It also comes with a free public transportation ticket that allow students to use the bus, train, subway and other public transport in the state/region.
  • Do students outside of Germany also receive free education?
    Yes! Regardless of your nationality and where you are from, everyone can receive free education in most German public universities.
  • How much is the  enrolment fee every semester?
    Students only have to pay a minimal enrolment fee at the beginning of every semester. This is to inform the university that you would like to continue your studies at that particular university. The amount ranges between 200€ to 380€ depending on universities. It also includes a free public transportation ticket that allow students to use the bus, train, subway and other public transport in the state/region that you are in.
  • Is it difficult to get a spot in a German university?
    As German universities offers free education to international students, there are thousands of students applying worldwide each year. Therefore it depends on how good are your grades and whether you fulfil the requirements of the university you decided to apply to. On average students will apply between 3 to 5 universities to help improve their chance of being accepted. As the requirement from university to university varies, AbroadAssist will assist in pre checking all your certification and advise you accordingly to which university fits you best before assisting you to apply.
  • Are there top ranking universities in Germany?
    Yes, a total of 48 universities in Germany are among the very best in the world. Check out where German universities stands in the top 200 world university ranking.
  • Why education in Germany is not advertise as much as higher education in USA, UK and Canada?"
    As most public universities in Germany offers free tuition fees to internationals students, universities do not profit anything from recruiting or advertising its programmes. Therefore, universities and education agencies do not benefit from promoting education in Germany.
  • Do I need to learn German before Studying in Germany?
    No German is required if you decide to apply to the programs listed on AbroadAssist. All programmes that are listed are fully taught in English. If you decide to apply to programs that are not listed on AbroadAssist, you have to check on the university programme page to see if the university requires you to prove german knowledge.
  • In which language will the classes be?
    If you decide to apply to programs listed on AbroadAssist, classes will be taught fully in English and no German is required.
  • Do I need to take IELTS or Toefl to apply?
    It depends. The requirement varies from university to university. Therefore, after selecting which program you would like to apply to, AbroadAssist will advise you whether the university requires you to take any language test. In some cases, the university will accept if you have done your previous studies completely in english as proof of english knowldge. Native spakers from USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are exempted from this requirement.
  • How much do you need to cover 1 year of living expense?
    10,332 euros is requirement of the embassy for you to get a valid student visa but students usually require much less than the amount for 1 year living expenses. Most students spends between 500 to 700 euro a month depending on where they live.
  • How much is rent in Germany?
    200euro to 500 euro depending on where you live and how big is your accomodation. This includes wifi, gras, water and electricity bill.
  • What happen if I am sick or something happen to me while I am in Germany?
    A health insurance is compulsory in Germany. Students are required to pay between 90 to 100 euro a month. Without a health insurance a student cannot obtain a visa. Therefore all your medical bills will be covered by your insurance.
  • Will there be someone if I need something in Germany?
    AbroadAssist Student Network will be there for you when ever you require assistance. We offer 265 student support while you are abroad.
  • Can I work part time in Germany with a student visa?
    Yes you can work part time while you are on your student visa. You can work part time up to 240 days.
  • Who will open a bank account for me ?
    We will arrange and help you open a local bank account in Germany for you.
  • Is it safe as a muslim to live in Germany?
    Yes, Germany is considered very safe compared to other european countries. Muslim population in Germany is well integrated thanks to to turkish population that makes up 5.6% of total population in Germany. Halal food is widely available in every city and state in Germany, giving you the option to buy halal meat and even eating out.
  • Can I communicate in english for my daily life in Germany?
    Yes you can communicate in English for your daily life but learning German will certainly help you integrate in community much faster. German universities often free german classes for international students and often also integrated in your studies as a module. Usually students takes between 6month to 1 year to pick up basic German language to communicate for daily life purposes.
  • Can I work after completing my studies?
    Yes, you will be given 18 month to seek and apply for a Job in Germany upon completintg your studies.
  • Is the job oppurtunity good in Germany?
    Very good. As German population is slowly entering retirement this provides the market with a lot of job oppurtunites. Students can easily get a job in Germany and knowing intermediate german willl help boost your chances.
  • Do I need to learn german if I plan to work in Germany?
    It would be best if you learn German up to B1 while living in Germany as this will help open up more career oppurtunities for you. Nevertheless, it is not imposiible to get a job without any basic german.
  • How much is starting salary for fresh graduates in Germany?
    3000 to 5000 euro per month for fresh graduates.
  • What is the requirement to get a visa?
    You must prove you have sufficient funding of 10,332 euro to cover your living expense for the first year. You could prove the funding yourself or through your parents, scholarships, loan or company offer letter.
  • Who will help me for my visa?
    AbroadAssist will arrange for your visa and prepare your visa documentation. You only have to be present at the German embassy in your home country and pay the embassy 75Euro for cost of applying visa.
  • How much does a visa cost?
    75 euro to paid directly to the embassy when applying your visa.
  • When will I get my residency?
    After being 6 months in germnay with your student visa, students will be given a residency card which you will have to renew every 2 years. Enrolment letter from the university and insurance is mandatory when renewing your residency.
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