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Cambridge A-Levels 


  • Affordable fees

  • Internationally recognised

  • Scholarships available 

  • Duration 18 months

  • January / August intake


  • Qualified to apply to any universities worldwide

  • Qualified to apply for tuition free bachelor degree in Germany

  • 100% exam based

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum 5 credits including English and Mathematics in either SPM/ IGCSE/ O-levels/ equivalent 


Malaysian: RM24,450

Internationals: RM28,100

Scholarship Requirements 

  • 10A's and above in either SPM/ equivalent will be awarded full scholarship 

  • 5A's and above in either SPM/ equivalent will be awarded up to 50% fee waiver scholarship

  • Trial results can be used to apply the scholarship


Note the scholarship only covers tuition fees for A- levels only

Scholarship condition

  • Scholarship recipient must maintain a minimum of 3B's or 70% score in all internal assessment 

  • Scholarship recipient must have a minimum of 80% class attendance for all subjects

  • Scholarship recipient must undergo 200 hours of community that is deemed significant to the study centre before completion of the A- levels

  • Scholarship applied using trial results must be equal or better than the actual final results

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How to Apply

1. Apply via AbroadAssist's portal

2. Upload copy of NRIC/ passport

3. Upload results of Spm/ Spm trial/ IGCSE/ equivalent 

4. Select subjects combination accordingly


Subject requirements for specific degree

  • 4 subjects in A-levels is a requirements to qualify for Tuition free degree programs in Germany

  • English and mathematics subject in A- levels are compulsory to qualify for Tuition free degree programs in Germany

  • 2 other subjects must be relatable to the degree that the students plans to pursue 

Please follow the subject combination provided when applying​:


For Engineering

Related Degree





For Business

Related Degree





For Life Sciences

Related Degree





For other degrees, please book an appointment with our advisors before applying

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